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Description: Geograph Britain and Ireland - photograph every grid square!

Description: Geograph Britain and Ireland is a web-based project to collect and reference geographically representative images of every square kilometre of the British Isles. ACECAM – The blog about everything


Description: Patoka Lake Indiana - Camping, Resorts, Cabin & Boat Rentals

Description: Patoka Lake Indiana offers Cabin Rentals, Boat and Houseboat Rentals, and a host of other outdoor recreation options. Patoka Lake is a fishing mecca for Indiana.

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Here are five SEO Tips to stay relevant in 2018:

1. Always keep portable readers in mind

The number of on the go readers is rapidly increasing. More and more people are reading from their smartphones than ever before. We can help you make sure your site is properly optimized for smartphone or tablet reading so you can stay ahead of the game in search engine results.

2. Make sure your site is as user friendly as possible

People don't like confusing, complicated interfaces. Research clearly shows that complex menus turn readers and users away like nothing else. Simplicity is not just the key, it is a vital element that ensures survival. Your website is meant for the everyday layman, not a computer whiz.

3. Google AMP is your friend

If you don't know what AMP is, you ought to learn about it right now. Accelerated Mobile Pages is breaking ground in how Google loads content that is friendly to mobile devices. Yes, this tip is very much in cahoots with Tip 1. If you can become AMP-friendly before anyone else, you'll have a huge edge over the competition.

4. Remember your surroundings - use local searches

Users always want to know what is around them at any given time. People are constantly searching what businesses or organizations are in their vicinity. Get accustomed to using local company or business searches so you can acquire this chunk of the pie. Geography and location are just as important online as they are offline.

5. Quality content wins the race

Buzzwords can earn short term goals but in the end it's all about giving what your readers want. If you want to retain higher traffic rates and good spots in the search engine hierarchy then provide value to your users, not fluff.

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